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Altos Photonics, Inc. Offers Lasers and Laser Systems, Optics, Crystals, Opto-Electronics, and Opto-Mechanical Components to Research Institutes and Industrial Customers

Since 1995 we have worked with customers and suppliers to enable breakthrough technologies, innovative products, and cutting-edge research. We have been involved in the acquisition and licensing of key technologies to assist both start-ups and established companies. Our suppliers include EKSPLA, Light Conversion, EKSMA Optics, Standa, LaserShield, and TMC.

Our pulsed lasers range from high-energy systems used in high-energy physics and non-linear spectroscopy to DPSS systems used in micro-machining and ultra-fast applications. Our femtosecond, mode locked, and Q-switched lasers and tunable OPO/OPA systems are used by leading scientists and engineers around the world.

Laser components include UV and IR optics, non-linear crystals (BBO, KTP, ZGP, KYW, KGW, etc), optical mounts, motorized stages & positioners, and laser safety glasses / shielding. We are happy to provide custom solutions and specifications for research and OEM applications.

Opto-Electronic products include laser power supplies / flashlamp drivers, Pockel’s cell drivers and laser pump chambers.

Together with our outstanding customers, we are working to improve our environment and human health by enabling advances in nuclear fusion, solar cell manufacturing, bio-medical polymers, heart stent manufacturing, battery technology, and fuel injector nozzle drilling.

We actively encourage laser safety by promoting laser safety products and by participating in ANSI Z136.1 committee for laser safety, working to define and implement standards for safe use of lasers.

Altos Photonics is managed by Lucian Hand, President and shareholder, together with major shareholders Light Conversion Ltd. and EKSPLA Ltd.

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